Thousands of children in the United Kingdom, Europe and other first world countries, discard their football boots at the end of each playing season.  Most boots are adaptable to life in bush towns and urban settlements.  Boots2Africa overheads are met by financial donations and the sale of high quality boots not suitable for use;  fundraising events and the sale or raffle of high value 'ex professional' sportswear also contributes to the funding. 



Millions of children across Africa, have no shoes, for school, life and playing games.  Disease, infections and snakebites kill thousands and injure and incapacitate many others every year.  Many others struggle physically and needlessly because of illness caused from infections of the foot. 


Boots2Africa collects, transports and distributes donated boots, kits and accessories to Africa's children and young adults.  Voluntary financial donations to Boots2Africa may be made by business', clubs, or organisations to help with and support overheads.  

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