If you'd like your business to sponsor our 100litre  card bootbins get in touch with us now:  info@boots2Africa.co.uk 

Our reach potential among parents and school children is growing week by week and we hope to cover the bins across 200+ clubs and schools in East Anglia by the end of 2017 .

There's a number of options available, get in touch to find out more

Club and bootbin sponsorships available.

The Aim of Boots2Africa is to receive and deliver 1 million donated Boots2Africa by 2030.

To sustain Boots2Africa and get an unsupported shipment of 500 Boots2Africa we need to raise £10,000 per year;  if you'd like to donate to the cause the please follow the link to our Just Giving Page here:  https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/boots2africa3

If you're in business and would like to partner or sponsor our future fundraising campaigns, T Shirts, or bootbins, our website or social media pages then please get in touch by contacting info@boots2africa.co.uk or call us on 07913 248028.  #boots2africa

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @boots2africa to see the great audience and opportunity a Corporate Sponsorship could bring your business. 

Corporate Giving 

If you'd like to support us as your 'charity of the year' get in touch info@boots2africa.co.uk and help us #changethegame for a million children in Africa.

For 2018/19 Boots2Africa are delighted to receive sponsorship from the Carl Pentney Keeper Academy, Charity Partner support from Stevensons, logisitic support from Monthind LLP and business support from Chapman Ventilation Ltd.