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#ColUinAfrica 2017-18 - Nakuru, Kenya

In April 2017 and 2018 Boots2Africa were privileged to visit the Walk Centre School in Nakuru, Kenya with Colchester United's Football in the Community team and African Adventures.   In these two weeks of activity we've helped decorate their 'Big Build' school block, taught the children basic English and Maths in the classrooms and  with COLU FITC coaches Ben Elmer and Tom Tayler delivered their first ever football coaching sessions.  

With donations from children in Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk we've sized and fitted 340 pairs of pre-loved football boots and Astros and over 500 other items of football kit.  Such inspirational and life enriching visits  we look forward to continuing our support to the children at the Walk Centre School

With football a core theme of Boots2Africa's mission, we've also had the opportunity to play a match in 2017 and then in 2018 support a local side, 'Community 08 FC'.  The FITC 'Wanderers' have both coached and played with these very talented, experienced Kenyans and #COLU Development Squad player Toby Finch has represented them in the local communites cup final;  though sadly the game was abandoned due to a waterlogged pitch after 10 minutes.  We'll be continuing to support 'Community' 08 FC' with supplies of Boots2Africa and kits.

If you'd like to support us as we head back to Kenya in 2019 and with shipment costs to help please get in touch with us info@boots2africa.co.uk

The ColU FITC Wanderers Vs Community 08 FC
Friends inNakuru